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Market Survey Car Policy Germany 2014

How do German companies handle their fleet and mobility management? This question was answered by the market survey from fleetcompetence europe GmbH in collaboration with Autoflotte, the German magazine for fleet management. The results are available now – get current and exclusive insights.

How is the choice of vehicle arranged in the different function levels (e.g. field service and management?). Which monthly rates are available for the different level of hierarchies for orders? Are specific models banned in the car policy? Are there engine size and CO2 emissions limitations on account of social responsibility?

Those questions and other factors have been examined in the market survey from fleetcompetence europe in collaboration with “Autoflotte” in the second half of 2014. Now the results are available: fleets from under 10 cars up to over 3000 cars have participated and have indicated how they manage their fleet. Thus it can be seen which brands are strongly represented in the various levels of hierarchy and which service provider are often used. But also the budgets for company cars and regulations concerning CO2 limitations can be seen in the study.


As a participant of the study you’ll receive a summary of the findings free of charges. Others can order the survey findings from fleetcompetence europe.
Besides the main report, participants and non-participants have the chance to order a more in-depth and comparative analysis. Compare yourself with other participants from you industry or similar industries. In this report, your approaches will be compared with a predefined made-to-measure comparative market. 
On request, we would like to elaborate which comparison makes the most sense for your specific company. After the order, you’ll receive the comparative analysis within 14 days. The price is set at only EUR 580 (excl. VAT) for participants and at EUR 880 (excl. VAT) for non-participants.