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Current market surveys

Here you will find information on both current and past surveys.

Market survey Switzerland

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Car Policy - Market Survey 2016: Which concepts are implemented in the fleets? What has changed since 2013?

The Car Policy is the centerpiece of a company car concept. Here is regulated, why company cars are made available, who is authorized to order a vehicle and what it may cost. The actual rules affect significantly the employee’s satisfaction and the company costs. The car policy therefore usually arises in the tension between HR and finance or purchasing department.

Already in 2013, fleetcompetence europe GmbH has made a first survey on this subject. Since the last study there were various relevant changes. Especially since the lifting of the minimum euro exchange rate, movement has come into the Swiss market. Various importers have lowered car prices or partially introduced high Euro Discounts. Therefore, it is now particularly interesting to find out whether this change in the starting position has led to adjustments to the company car regulations. So far there were no well-grounded findings. Therefore, fleetcompetence europe GmbH has decided to conduct a more detailed market survey and compare the results with those of previous studies. This study allows fleet operators to classify their own rules and to compare with other companies. The current study examines which concepts are currently being implemented in fleets and are so for the participants and the company an interesting insight into trends and new approaches to company cars and corporate mobility.

For the participants this provides the opportunity to obtain a company-specific analysis.
This allows an interesting benchmarking compared to companies from the same branch, with similar fleets. In addition, among all participants three Migrol petrol vouchers, worth CHF 100.-- each, are drawn as a reward.

Market survey Germany 

In the 1st half year of 2016, fleetcompetence Germany conducts a study on the integration of Fleet- and Travel Management. As part of the Car Policy Study 2014, one third of the participating companies had indicated that they have merged the organisation of the fleet- and business travel-management in a centralized function.

The new study will now show which concepts are implemented by the companies. More information on the study will be shown here shortly.